Most projects and human activiies require accounting of expenses relative to the activities they are managing. AltoChange has a very powerful system to create, fill in and manage in multi currency (with automatic proposal of exchange rates of the day).This is extremely handy as some expenses need to be accounted for many times. Example an independent consultant, working in his own company which was hired by a placement agency which was hired by a client. Each may need the same information but used in other ways example:

You drove 1550 km. Your own company pays for petrol etc. So you don't charge your own company, however you need to charge your head hunter at 0.5 EUR per km which is the agreement with the customer but your head hunter is in London and wants your expense report total in GBP and the amount of KM divided per each of the client's sites and each site in different currency. As you can see the same information 1550 km is treated in many diffferent ways. can handle this easily. A great time saver.

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