The META Change Workshop

Module 1: Meta Change – 2 days (9500 GBP)

Drive and accelerate sustainable/irreversible change and change the way executive teams, management and staff understand and manage change.
Concepts covered: the language of change, contradictions & paradoxes, in/out group biases, sustainable/irreversible change
  • + Create a space conducive to sustainable change by dialoguing differently about change and adopting the language of change (the language of change)
  • + Create new realities and perceptions around corporate objectives (sustainable/irreversible change)
  • - Eliminate obstacles to changes by addressing misperceptions around corporate “realities” (e.g. culture/structure/ decisional processes), in/out group biases and un-spoken critical issues (contradictions & paradoxes/‘elephants in the room’)
Meta Change presentation video
Presentation video

Module 2: Meta Communications – 2 days (9500 GBP)

Deliver messages which say what you want to say and increase receptivity to these messages during crucial corporate conversations and negotiations.
Concepts covered: body language/chunking/punctuation, mutually-defined/intercultural linguistics and conflict mechanisms
  • + Gain immediate improvements in your corporate communications by honing body language, reactions and voice, by adapting your messages to the level of your audience and by being in synch with your audience (body language/chunking/punctuation)
  • + Create a new and shared linguistics and one which transmits meaning across cultures (mutually-defined/intercultural linguistics)
  • - Eliminate dissonance by reducing distortions of your messages and by identifying/addressing the mechanisms of conflict (conflict mechanisms)
Meta Communications presentation video
Presentation video

Module 3: Optimizing Productivity – 2 days (9500 GBP)

Drive overall personal and corporate productivity and gain resilience to ever-changing and adverse market conditions, while reducing corporate entropy.
Concepts covered: systemic approach, survival-ability, homeostasis.
  • + Enhance overall productivity by introducing systemic shifts and changes in roles/actions of component of the system (be it human or technical) (systemic approach)
  • + Adopt a resilient approach to business by understanding the connection between resilience, efficiency and sustainability (survival-ability)
  • - Replace inefficient structures by modifying the default setting or natural resting point of the system (homeostasis)
Optimizing Productivity presentation video
Presentation video

Prices do not include travel and accomodation expenses, and is based on training given at the client premises or in a hotel paid for and by the client.
The prices include teaching material for each participant.

Training up to 12 participants. Each module is 9500 GBP.
All participants will receive a Certificate of Participation. Please enquire about our accredited training certifications.

8 hours per day