The best Project Management software on the market

AltoChange is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality team project groupware tools and methodologies. AltoChange can be used by top and project managers, users, steering and technical teams to communicate efficiently, create a team vision and spirit as well as provide follow up and reporting system that avoids roadblocks and takes into account each participant recommendations.

It typically vastly increases the overall efficiency and quality of teamwork and project chances of success.

AltoChange can be used to manage an individual project work and up to very large teams that may be multi disciplinary self and centrally managed. It is an easy to use yet a very powerful platform to exchange project information, ideas, reports and move forward (depending on importance, priority, impact, etc.) various actions that need to be done while streamlining all collaboration and the use of coherent and understandable by all participants in a defined way, the linguistics of reporting and information exchange.

The system provides for real time online data on each participant day's work with an efficient and powerful daily (start and end of day) reporting system that enables for immediate intervention and on line follow up of work progress. The system contains High-Impact Action Plans, Reporting Quad Charts, Gantt Charts, daily reporting system, Plan A and Plan B tools, multi-user configurable access system, file sharing tools and much more.

Please contact us, and we will work with you to train you and your team in the configuration, usage and methodology provided.

AltoChange methodology has been used in projects ranging from a one person to projects in the hundreds of millions of EUR. The methodology has already been used by some of the top 100 US companies as well as consulting companies for the management of their clients in Business Excellence, World Class Manufacturing, Lean Six Sigma, Capital Expenditure, Total Preventive Maintenance, IT, financial & banking reorganizations, Mergers and Acquisitions and many other projects.

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