Change - Revisited

  • April 23, 2018
  • change, process regulation, irreversible change

As a senior consultant and executive coach I am very often asked to implement "change". Usally the end result is described in terms which are not well defined such as "it should work better", "I am feeling bad about it and want it changed", "problems should be eliminated", "the system should be streamlined","there is miscommunications and I don't u...

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Success is a continuous journey - TED Talk

  • November 17, 2017
  • success, ted, ted talk

In his typically candid style, Richard St. John reminds us that success is not a one-way street, but a constant journey. He uses the story of his business' rise and fall to illustrate a valuable lesson — when we stop trying, we fail. This is a TED Talk originally accessible from

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The right IT system for your organisation

  • June 13, 2017
  • IT, tool, groupware

  There are many management softwares available on the market; you may choose it or you may be forced to use it, but the result is the same: it is difficult to use and it does not solve the problems you face.   It is absurd that professional softwares are so complicated to use as they should simplify your life rather than over-complica...

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Simplicity vs Complicated and Complex

  • November 14, 2016
  • simplicity, complex, complicated

At any given time while managing, one needs to keep an eye on various continually changing parameters. These may include Inventory, Quality, Accounts Receivables or Money in the Bank. Many managers believe that by doing that they are in fact good managers. However, those activities requires constant energy drain to monitor and react to those change...

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Agile Methodology: change your work practice

  • March 18, 2016
  • agile, waterfall, methodology

There are many studies and methodologies on how to manage a project. The most widespread practice has been the Waterfall model. It is still a very common practice in the software engineering industry. This model has a big advantage to be easy to understand and implement. It seems like a good idea, especially consideting that, for instance, the impl...

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My definition of a great manager

  • September 03, 2015
  • Management Excellence, Great Manager, Best manager

Recently while discussing "Management Excellence" I was asked to provide my definition for a Great Manager. I came up with this: A great manager is a manager that : Creates agile mostly self regulating, multi level & efficient systems with real time controlled tools, continuous feedback & feed forward; Links people, groups, tool...

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Why I may vote for Lady Gaga as the next ...

  • January 26, 2015
  • lady gaga, leadership, ceo

Companies such as Apple have become cult brand names in a very similar way to how the public views pop stars. It is clear that it is an incredibly strong and emotional link that the brand or the star creates with his or her's public. When that link is created, the public is ready to spend hours in the cold and rain just to be in or at the right p...

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Amazing AltoChange new version

  • September 26, 2014
  • altochange, version, management

 3 2 1 Launch and … LIFT OFF !!! We are extremely pleased to announce the launch of our all new fully revamped, upgraded, cross platform, multi lingual, multi timezones and much more all new 2015 AltoChange platform for managing your company, projects, activities, teams and people! It can transform you and any employee, manager, team,...

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How to achieve World Class Manufacturing

  • July 03, 2014
  • World Class Manufacturing, WCM, Business excellence

Achieving WCM (World Class Manufacturing) requires strong leadership, correct and visual on the shop floor Key Performance Indexes used continously by the operators and managers to maintain and improve the highest level of quality and production levels. There are many techniques that are being used to achieve that like Lean ? Six Sigma, Kaizen, TQ...

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