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Based on 30 years experience, AltoChange seriously increases your productivity in managing teams, projects,
administrative tasks and change initiatives. Look at our solutions.
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AltoChange provides a complete methodology and framework groupware for individuals, teams and their management to collaborate in the most efficient manner, eliminating communication issues and roadblocks for a successful project management
  • "We completely changed the way we used to organize. Teamwork has never been more efficient. It allows us to spend more time working and earning money." - Caroline R.
  • "We used to have a software to help us managing the teams. It started to be too old, so we had to switch. AltoChange was a new world from day one! They take the time to bring support if needed, and there are frequent updates with new tools to improve the efficiency." - Andrew M.
  • "Our team was facing communication issues. We didn't know how to solve this situation until we heard about AltoChange. After just a few weeks, we decided to extend the use of this amazing system to the whole company." - Peter B.
  • "Their consultants are great, and the software is accessible from everywhere. Our confidential information is safe thanks to the encryption, multi-password system, and IP access restrictions." - Julie S.